Aitokaiku LIGO Gravitational Waves Music

Listen: Aitokaiku Music Created From Gravitational Waves

News that scientists detected gravitational waves on earth inspired Aitokaiku to use the sound data produced by the gravitational waves to produce Aitokaiku music. Listen below.

The universe is filled with hidden music

Not only is the news that gravitational waves were detected by scientists at the LIGO observatories fascinating for us space cadets at Aitokaiku because of the monumental size of the project and huge advance in our understanding of the universe, but also because the detection itself produced previously unheard sounds from space.

We feel like Aitokaiku does something similar to the interferometers of LIGO, we reveal an invisible world of music that has been there all the time. Just as technology has allowed us to listen to far off cosmic forces theorized for more than a century, Aitokaiku reveals the hidden world of music that surrounds you every day.

Gravitational sounds and gravitational music

In order to create music from the sounds of the waves disturbing the interferometer lasers at LIGO, we fed the data through the Aitokaiku music engine and allowed the AI to do it’s magic. A couple passes through the Aitokaiku machine and a beautiful symphony emerged.

The Aitokaiku mobile app for Android and iOS uses smartphone data to create real-time music that reacts to light, motion, and sound—a personal soundtrack of unique, shareable music. Coming soon to Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

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