Aitokaiku 360 Video Visit Finland

Aitokaiku enters the world of 360-degree video with Visit Finland

Aitokaiku jumped headlong into the world 360-degree video with a project for Visit Finland this week.  Muthmedia in Frankfurt created two beautiful videos of the Finnish winter and Aitokaiku used the video feed as the source for the music–just like we use the sensor data streams from your smartphone’s sensors on the mobile app.

We love working with Visit Finland, not least of all because we get such great source material to create music.  For this project, the first video shows dawn at a Finnish sauna and ice bath.  The second video is of sunset at Järvysydän Hotel & Spa Resort.

Aitokaiku is working on more projects to support instant music from video as well as creating interactive experiences with 360-degree video.  More updates coming!

Visit Finland is Finland’s national tourism agency and sponsor of two Themes on the Aitokaiku mobile app for Android.

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