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120,000 Watts of Aitokaiku to rattle Berlin from the Red Bull Tour Bus Stage at Tech Open Air 2017

The only thing better than Aitokaiku is 120,000 watts of Aitokaiku.  The expected 20,000 attendees to this summer’s Tech Open Air conference in Berlin are going to get just that when the Aitokaiku team brings their reactive, interactive, and hyperactive music technology to the top of the Red Bull Tour Bus on July 12th.

Aitokaiku CEO, DJ, Producer, and tech innovator Jarno Eerola (alias DJ Joe Le Bon) is building a special interactive live show for TOA combining everything from turntables to Aitokaiku’s mobile apps during a lunchtime set and again in the late afternoon (details).

Aitokaiku Live

Aitokaiku rocked the house at Tech Open Air 2016 by hooking up 4 Aitokaiku Android phones to the mixer at the Slush X Jobspotting afterparty at Berlin’s Birgit and Bier nightclub.  Audience members created the music with the sensors in the devices which were mixed live by DJ Joe Le Bon for the sweaty dancers in the club.

This year, Aitokaiku will perform atop the Red Bull Tour Bus blasting 120,000 watts of reactive music, turning the energy of the audience into music.  The Red Bull Tour Bus is a vintage city bus converted into a mobile booty-shaking concert venue giving Aitokaiku even more people and more power to turn into music.

Tech Open Air

Now in its sixth year, Europe’s largest interdisciplinary festival is uniting the international tech and creative scene in Berlin after World Tour stops in cities like L.A., Tokyo and Austin. 20,000 technologists from around the world are expected to come to Berlin and discuss the future of technology, art, and society.

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