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How Slow Can You Go?

Aitokaiku’s newest app Vimu—Instant Video Music for iOS makes it easy for users to participate in Visit Finland’s Slow Finland contest when they share Vimu videos with the #SlowFinland hashtag. 

Show your #SlowFinland moments with Vimu

Users who share videos of themselves enjoying nature, relaxing at home, or slowing down to appreciate the small things in life can post a Vimu video with the hashtag for a chance to win.

Vimu Slow Finland

The Slow Finland campaign showcases Finland’s wellness and relaxation tourist destinations and activities. Vimu is the perfect platform for a slow culture campaign: simple and instant.  Targeting digital natives is more effective and user-generated content increases the reach of the campaign because it’s easy for users to create and participate.

Shoot and Share

Vimu makes it fast and simple to shoot a video with automatically synced music.  No editing or post-production is required.  Just shoot and share with friends.  Hearing the music live as you make your video makes it even more fun to shoot. Videos are more fun to watch because every video has a unique soundtrack created by the user.

Music makes every video more engaging. Vimu videos with the #SlowFinland hashtag increase the reach and engagement of Visit Finland’s campaign. Vimu feeds the creative spirit with a range of psychedelic filters that grab the attention of social media followers.

The Power of Music

“Vimu is a remarkably easy and attractive way to reach consumers through their smartphones at a much lower cost than traditional digital channels.  Users get to personalize the content they create for the campaign and have fun doing it,” says Aitokaiku CEO Jarno Eerola. “It’s an instant campaign deployed in hours not weeks.”

Aitokaiku technology creates personalized media content that reacts to your environment and activities in real-time by using sensors like microphones and cameras—a personal movie and soundtrack to your life.

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