Best manga drawing software of 2018

Best manga drawing software of 2018 Best manga drawing software of 2018

Making sketches and drawings with your computer is not a difficult task anymore. If you plan to draw comics, manga and cartoons quickly and easily, you should use these 8 programs that we mentioned in our article.Now you are thinking about what distinguishes these programs from others.Yes, your questions are obvious. But we are happy to inform you that you can download all this free software on your Windows PC.

The best software for drawing comics, manga and anime.

Comic life

This software for drawing comics certainly deserves to be downloaded. Very intuitive in the interface, it is easy to use for beginners and is available for Windows, Mac, and IOS. Despite its simplicity, it has many features and many predefined tables from which you can take ideas before starting to devote yourself to your work.

With Comic Life, you can create a comic book with all your photos from scratch, using beautiful collages and cartoons. The many controls available are almost all manageable with drag-and-drop, which is perfect for those who still do not know the full potential of this platform.


Pencil is a free software for drawing comics, very practical and easy to use.

Pencil is a multifunctional tool that allows you to create comics and manga, giving free rein to your creativity, including the included tools such as the one that allows you to better customize the choice of colors. Finally, it also allows you to work on “postproduction” in hand-scanned drawings.

Manga Studio Debut:

Manga Studio Debut is dedicated to the creation of manga comics. It’s not easy to use, but it’s really complete and full of features. It’s perfect for real professionals and for those who want to prove themselves. Among the main advantages, it offers the possibility to work with different formats and create projects that you can use both with the mouse and the tablet.

The full package is not free, but before you buy it, you can try using it for thirty days. After this period, you decide whether you want it or not. If you are a die-hard manga and anime fan, then you have to try this


Among the free software for drawing comics, we cannot forget to mention Pencil2D. Originally developed as a simple drawing tool, new features have been added over the years, including support for animations.

Compared to payment software, like those already mentioned, it is much easier to use, even because of its reduced potential. Among the unquestionable advantages offered, there is the possibility of improving and digitizing sketches and hand-made drawings. In addition to other operating systems, it is also compatible with Linux.

Real World Paint:

The RW designing program (and also the assembly) is very nice. It comes with many useful features, such as layer-by-layer structure, whose opacity can also change.

On the site (within the program) you will also find well-designed video tutorials that explain how to use Realword Paint to perform various tasks, including tips for drawing comics, using layers and more.


Although this software cannot be classified as a comics creator, MyPaint is a free solution that can be very useful for fans and professionals of manga and anime.

Indeed, it is a program through which you can develop hand-made drawings on a computer or create digital drawings using dozens of functions and tools.


Krita is a software that is free as well as open-source. It consists of advanced tools for drawing and creating comics and manga using pre-packaged templates that can be customized.This application is available for Windows and Linux.


Pixton is a web application for drawing comics and simple use. Even for inexperienced people who only need to learn the different tools, functions, types of careers and design.

The details, colors, and duration of the stories are details that can be defined by the user, who can choose between different characters and configurations, grouped by theme. This online service requires free and fast registration. It is aimed at experts and beginners with graphic tools for all tastes.

So here is the list of best software for drawing anime and manga in your computer. Although all these software provide free trial, buying the full package depends on your interest.

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