How to convert exe to apk? Is it actually possible?

How to convert exe to apk? Is it actually possible? How to convert exe to apk? Is it actually possible?

Have you ever thought how good it would be if you could get all the PC games that work well with Android smartphones and that could be possible with exe in the apk converter? But oh no, all Android apps are in APK format and we know that EXE files are responsible for the configurations that can be done on a PC. What happens if I tell you that there are methods to convert EXE files to APK on Android? And not only games, there are many applications available in the Windows operating system, but they are not compatible with Android.

Then with this simple EXE to APK conversion, you can download the full application on your Android devices, why not do it. At present, many Windows EXE applications include many programs and other applications. By simply converting APK-based Android apps, you can also use Windows apps. So here we provide methods on how to convert EXE files to APK on Android smartphones and also using web applications and websites performing the exe task of the apk converter.

Exe files are actually the Executable files that only support and run the Windows-based applications and therefore we cannot directly run them on Android mobile phones or any other operating system based applications. Android mobiles on other hand support only Android Application package (APK), the file format that is actually used to distribute and install applications software in the Android operating system by Google.

EXE to APK Converter

As a result, these EXE files cannot be used directly and become an APK file extension so that the Windows software can run on your Android device. So, to get access to Windows applications, take a look here, because we will explain how to convert EXE files to APK in a short time, which can help protect all the needs of running a file. EXE on your Android device.

Another great thing about this converter is that it does not need special offers or complex procedures. Instead, it is extremely easy to use and even people who do not have much experience using Android tools could continue to use this program and take advantage of it. This application can be downloaded for free and you can buy it in the Google Play Store.

Easily convert EXE files to APK on Android

The conversion process is very simple to perform but requires some pre-installed software on your device.

Windows software you want to convert (EXE application)
Change my software (from EXE to APK Converter)
Now, once you’re ready with these two things, let’s start our conversion.
How to Convert EXE to APK

Once you have downloaded ApkConverter, double-click it.

Two options are available: I have installation files and a portable application. Select I have a portable application and then click Next.

Edit the EXE file that you want to convert to Apk and select it. Click the Convert button to start the process.

It will only take a few seconds if the size of the EXE file is not huge.

You should receive a success message when you are done.

Connect your PC / computer to your Android phone using a USB cable, copy the newly created apk file to your Android phone, then install it.


This method is useful when you want to run the PC software on your Android device. With that, you can run almost any software on your Android device by simply converting it to an apk and installing it on your phone.

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