How to find the strength and weakness of pokemon?

How to find the strength and weakness of pokemon? How to find the strength and weakness of pokemon?

If you are hitting Pokemon Go gyms or raids, Pokemon Types matter- you can use this guide to find the strengths and weaknesses of every Pokemon type on the game with our handy Pokemon Go Type Chart. Every Pokemon has Strengths and Weakness. You must know which type of Pokemon to take in order to take down the Gym.

This guide will show you every Pokemon’s Strength and Weakness and how to defeat them in Gym battle.

Pokemon Go Type Chart:

There are 17 different types of Pokemons and each type has its own attack and defense power.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Each pokemon presented in Pokemon GO belongs to one of a total of 18 categories, as the game calls it, “Types”. The attacks and movements in Pokemon GO also belong to a different set of categories. Every type of Pokemon is strong and weak against some, and some are neutral with respect to others. You can become a master in the game, with the help of the pokemon attack chart.

By knowing these strength and weakness, you can become a master in the gameplay. The strength and weakness of starter pokemon are very easy for you to remember. It is just like Rock Paper Scissors Game.

  • Normal Type:
    • Weak Against – Fighting.
    • Strong Against – None.
  • Bug Type:
    • Weak Against – Fire, Flying, and Rock.
    • Strong Against – Grass, Psychic, and Dark.

But as we look at other types like Poison, Dragon, Psychic, it is very hard to predict the pokemon strength and weakness against other pokemon types. So that you can use the Pokemon chart for understanding the strength and weakness of every Pokemon types.

So next time if you are struggling to battle in a gym or finding hard to fight against a raid boss, this chart will help you to select the best pokemon for battle. You can cleverly pick your team, by understanding this chart and implement a proper strategy to increase your chances of winning.


This is how you can find the Strength and Weakness of a Pokemon. Hope this article helps.

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