How To Install Mobdro Roku

How To Install Mobdro Roku How To Install Mobdro Roku

The developers of Roku TV have realized that watching shows and movies on the big screen gives more entertainment pleasure. So, this app enables the viewer to watch all types of videos from news, music, movies, and sports and so on, on the big screen. There are other options available to such uploading videos, podcasts. 

Today better and more improved versions of streaming applications are made available for great entertainment. One such live media streaming application available today is Mobdro Roku. It is a free app that enables live streaming and also has downloader functions. 

Even though Mobdro is made as an Android Streaming app, it can be made available to other devices such as FireStick, Kodi and Smart TVs as well. 

To describe a little about its history, Roku began in 2008 and from then on the continuous process of improvements was started. Today Mobdro Roku is an excellent mode of entertainment. As of now, there are many channels provided on Roku such as Netflix, Prime video, YouTube TV and so on. Some of the features of this app is that,

Features Of Mobdro Roku

  1. It is a cross-platform app and works as a media streaming set-top box. This has the option to install various entertainment apps.
  2. It is an Android exclusive app, yet can be connected with others as well by mean of simple installation techniques
  3. The Mobdro Roku constantly searches the internet for giving the best video streams.
  4. There is the option to download the required shows or films and then watch it later offline.
  5. The option to organize the videos as per your likes and then even filter them by using languages and topics is also provided. Your favorite shows can be bookmarked and organized.
  6. There is also the option to share and recommend your preferred videos with friends and also to let them know what exactly you are watching.
  7. Last but not the least, Mobdro Roku has timely updates. This facilitates the streaming of videos and movies in great HD quality. So you can enjoy great quality entertainment on the go.
  8. Mobdro Roku supports multiple languages so that means you can stream videos and movies from any part of the world.
  9. The video streaming is not limited to one genre only but in fact encompasses movies, music, news, sports and so on. The Mobdro Roku version provides video streaming easily for the required videos. 
mobdro roku

Steps To Install Mobdro Roku

Reading about the features of Mobdro Roku surely might have generated a lot of interest in it. So the next immediate step is to discuss how to install Mobdro Roku on to your device. The steps are detailed below:

  1. First, the Mobdro apk file has to be downloaded on to the Android device.
  2. Then go to the settings menu and click on System.
  3. In the third step, the device has to be set up with Roku. So the Screen Mirror function has to be enabled.
  4. Play the video file on the Mobdro app on your Android device.
  5. Then from the Android device itself, select the cast feature from the Navigation Panel. This is done to make a secure connection between the Android Device and Roku.
  6. Most important is that both Roku and the Android Device should be connected on the same internet connections. 
  7. Once this is established, the device name will be shown on the TV screen. So the pairing option has to be selected. Immediately the display of the Android device will be transferred on to the TV screen.
  8. Now watch on the big screen via Mobdro Roku integration because the android device will mirror all the videos on to the TV.

As can be seen, the steps are a little detailed. But by following this, the viewer can get to watch the favorite shows and movies by live streaming and that too with high quality.

If you own a smart TV, then the procedure to add Mobdro Roku is slightly different. The procedure does not require the intervention of any computer, or Firestick. If the TV is already Android-based, then it is very easy.

But in case the TV is not android based, there is nothing to worry about. The app can still be installed. Ensure to follow the below steps. 

  1.  On the TV, from the settings, go to Security
  2. Keep the Unknown sources turned on 
  3. Open the browser from the TV and visit the Mobdro’s official website. It is a trusted apk source.
  4. Select the option “Download for Android” feature
  5. The download version has to be 2.1.14 version
  6. Then open the app and click install
  7. After that, there will be some minor steps to be completed for the installation process which will be shown on the screen.

If you find the installation process a bit cumbersome and lengthy, then it good to discuss why Mobdro Roku is worth downloading. There are many reasons which make Mobdro Roku a good choice when compared with other video streaming apps. To categorize its good points:

  1. It has a sleep timer so that the user can fix a time when the TV will not be used
  2. The Mobdro premium feature as the name suggests gives premium advantages such as no unnecessary advertisements.
  3. The videos can be saved and viewed later anytime in the future
  4. For sports enthusiasts, Mobdro sports promote a better viewing experience.


In some countries do not permit Mobdro Roku. It may even be labeled as illegal in some. This app is currently not available on the Google Play store. You can download it straight from the relevant website.

As the days go by, the popularity of Mobdro Roku is increasing as the app provides regular updates and improvements. This is also due to the fact that its name has become synonymous with great entertainment.

So if you are an avid entertainment lover and wish to enjoy video movies on a big screen, then this app is definitely for you.

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