Product List Genie Review 2019 – Best tool ever!

Product List Genie Review 2019 – Best tool ever!

Drop shipping is highly competitive. If you are running a drop shipping store, you know you have to sell trending products while they’re still hot. This is because trends change every day and a product that was hot yesterday may not be hot today.

What if there was a tool to help you find all the hot trending products before your competitors do. How much would you be willing to pay for such a product? Well, there is such a tool and it’s called the Product List Genie. Personally, this tool is my first preference. If you are looking for an unbiased review, check out Megpixel’s Unbiased Product List Genie Review.

About Product List Genie

As earlier stated, Product List Genie is a software that helps you find all high-converting products in the market.

Not only that, you can export the products to your Shopify store with a few clicks.

Product List Genie was developed by renowned e-commerce guru and coach Giancarlo Barraza better known as “Coach Giani”. Giancarlo has made a fortune training dropshippers how to make a comfortable living from e-commerce.

The premise of the Product List Genie is to help you “set up an e-commerce business in 5 days!”

Product List Genie Features

Trending Products

Product List Genie has a comprehensive list of hot products. You can view the latest in-demand products or search by categories.

Product List Genie features niches including wearables and jewellery, Pet essentials, toys, gadgets, beauty and cosmetics, tools and Kitchen products.

You can Push to Store any product that you like. This button automatically exports the product to your e-store including all the back-end details including product description, multiple images, audience targets, interests and behaviours, and store description among others.

Additionally, you can Export to Fb Ads. This button sends a product straight to Fb Ads including intricate details like product description, Ad copy text, keywords, target audience and demographics, multiple images, and Ad campaign objectives among others.

Google Ready Feature

Product List Genie has a Google Ready Feature on most of the hottest products. This is a kickass feature that allows you to send the product to Google Ads without much editing.

Creating Google Ads can be a drag. This feature has automated most of the work for you including keywords, product description, images, links, headlines, campaign name, and maximum CPC. You can Preview the Ad before going Live or download it to a CSV File and export it to your e-commerce store.

“How To” Resource Videos

Product List Genie has a ton of “how to” videos to help you along as you set up your e-commerce store. You will find videos on how to:

  • Add products to your store
  • Find winning products
  • Import multiple prices
  • Use the Google Export Ads feature
  • Find videos for your Fb Ads
  • Reverse engineer your competitors
  • And many more

Beware, though, that these videos are part of an upsell. If you are on the free trial, and cannot access the videos, go on YouTube. You will find lots of similar videos for free.

Product List Genie Cost

Product List Genie offers two subscription packages for its users.

  • The Basic Package

This package is $67 a month.

  • The Pro Package

This subscription package goes for $99 a month.

Take advantage of the 7-Day Free Trial. The trial allows you ample time to determine if the Product List Genie is right for you.

Moreover, upon subscribing, you will have 30-days money back guarantee. If you do not like Product List Genie, you can cancel the subscription at anytime within the 30 days and get a full refund.


  • Hot products updated every day
  • Offers US Warehousing
  • Detailed analysis of trending products
  • Handy Google Ready feature
  • Free trial
  • High-ticket items


  • Too many upsells
  • Some “trending” products are not trending at all
  • A number of the features don’t work
  • Offers trademarked items that you cannot sell.

Final Thoughts

Product List Genie is a good product for a dropshipper who is starting out. However, if you are seasoned seller, you will be able to tell straightaway the features that don’t work like attempting to sell laptops. All in all, we all have to learn, right?

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