How To Roku JailBreak Device In Simple Steps

How To Roku JailBreak Device In Simple Steps How To Roku JailBreak Device In Simple Steps

What is jailbreaking? Well, in the technological parlance, it means modifying a smartphone or any other device for that matter. So why the term Jailbreak. This is because usually there are some restrictions placed on the device by the Manufacturer. Here in this guide, you will get an idea of how to Roku Jailbreak:

These restrictions prevent some software to be installed on the device. So if you as a user want some unauthorized software to be installed on to your device, then you will have to do a jailbreak in order to get the installation done. 

This is easily said than done. Because for instance some devices like Roku cannot be jailbroken. Why is that so? Because Roku has a closed operating system with access only to an approved list of Developers. So this prevents Roku Jailbreak.

However, as the saying goes, there is nothing called Impossible in today’s technological world. If the system prevents indirect Roku Jailbreak then there are other ways to go around and do it. For instance, if you want to play content on Roku TV but it is not available on the Roku Channel Store, then you can still play the content on Roku TV. 

This is either by doing Screen Mirroring, Screen Casting and Playing content via USB or by using the Play on Roku feature which is on the Roku Mobile App. These are the ways used for Roku Jailbreak. They are discussed  in the below steps:

Roku Jailbreak In Easy Steps:

Screen Mirroring: 

Some devices may use other terms for Screen Mirroring such as Miracast, HTC Connect and so on. First and foremost there is no need for a network connection. The requirements are an Android Smartphone or a Windows PC and of course Roku TV. Just to reiterate, all 4K Ultra HD Roku TVs support this. 

So by means of Screen Mirroring, apps such as KODI, Mobdro, etc. which are not available on Roku platform can be displayed on the Roku TV. However, doing this type of Roku Jailbreak has some inconveniences. The Smartphone or any other device cannot be used for any other activity while doing Screen mirroring. 

The Roku TV Remote control too will not work during this time. If this has caught your interest, then it is best to discuss the process of doing screen mirroring. It is very simple. First and foremost the Screen mirroring function has to be activated on the Smartphone or Windows PC first by going to the Settings. 

Then using the Home Button on the Roku TV remote, navigate to Settings, then System and then Screen mirroring. There will be on-screen prompts which will guide you in the process. For example, the process will prompt you to press the “Allow” button. Once it is pressed, the Roku TV will connect to your device.

Screen Casting:

The terms Screen mirroring and Screen Casting mean different things. To state one such difference, Screen Casting is supported by Android as well as iOS devices but not all apps support screen casting such as KODI, Mobdro etc. 

Screencasting is tested way to do Roku Jailbreak. The good part of screencasting is that the device can be used for other tasks such as making phone calls and so on. The steps to do screencasting on Roku TV are very simple and direct. Firstly, Roku TV and the mobile device should be on the Wi-Fi network. 

The required channel app should be installed on the Roku TV’s home menu and the same app should also be installed on the mobile device. Now from the mobile device, the app has to be launched and the casting app should be selected. 

It is usually visible at the top right corner. Then from the list of available devices, select Roku TV. The casted content will start playing. So this is another method to do Roku Jailbreak.

Roku Jailbreak

USB or Media Server:

This is another way to do Roku Jailbreak that is by playing content stored on the PC. For this, however, the Roku Media Player App should be installed on the Roku TV. This app is really great as it allows to play music, view photos, etc. from PCs. The important thing is that they should all share the same network. 

The first step is to select the media type from the media Type Selection and then choose the device which has the desired content. Press either the Play button or the Ok button whichever is applicable. 

If the desired content is in an unsupported file format, then it will not be shown in the folder and so cannot be played. So to avoid such situations it is better to use compatible digital media file formats. Coming to USBs, the Roku Media player supports drives as per certain format specifications such as FAT16, 32, HFS+, NTFS, EXT2 and 3 file systems. 

To connect the USB, insert the USB device into the USB input which is usually provided at the back of the ROKU TV. Immediately there will be a prompt on the screen which will ask for launching the same. 

Play on Roku:

This is another method for Roku Jailbreak. By using the Roku Mobile App, photos, videos, and music can be played on the Roku TV. This process closely resembles Screen mirroring and Screen Casting. 

To use this option, firstly the Roku Mobile App has to be downloaded and installed into the Smartphone. Then open the App, launch Play on Roku, Select the music or photos, and grant the access to ply it on Roku TV. That’s all. 

The instructions come in an easy to understand prompts on the screen and the user can accordingly follow it. For Photos, the app supports JPG and PNG formats, for videos, it supports MP4, M4V, and MOV and for music, it is MP3 and M4A.

Wrapping Up:

So as discussed above, there are various ways to Roku Jailbreak. So if you need to use your device to the fullest then the only way is by Jailbreaking. So go ahead and enjoy the viewing experience to the fullest.

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