How To Install Xaero’s Minimap In Minecraft

How To Install Xaero’s Minimap In Minecraft How To Install Xaero’s Minimap In Minecraft


Xaero’s Minimap is an amazing Minecraft Minimap that operates with Forge and bestows great minimap which has lots of customized alternatives. The Minecraft Minimap is the lighter edition which is more server friendly.

This minimap contains all the items that you need in a Minecraft that includes direction indicator, identifying other players, the potential to display mobs, etc.

If you need a better look at the surrounding around you or go for a larger Minimap. Moreover, all the customization in the game can be made by use of the configuration screen.

Steps to Download & Install Xaero’s Minimap in Minecraft

Installation of Xaero’s Minimap in Minecraft

Xaero’s Minimap is installed by using the Forge Mod Loader which is similar to many of the mods. The Forge is very easy to install and you can take the assistance of our reliable tutorial before proceeding.

Check yourself, this tutorial will guide you to install Forge by assisting you in each and every step. Once the Forge has been installed and began operating, you can proceed with getting the Xaero’s Minimap installed and begin the operation.

Download Xaero’s Minimap

In order to install Xaero’s Minimap First, we have to download it. It can be downloaded by the link where it connects you to CurseForge. Next click on the ‘Files’ tab, select the edition of Xaero’s Minimap you want to install.

If you prefer to play using Xaero’s Minimap in Minecraft then, select the 1.15.2 edition. When you have got the Xaero’s Minimap edition that you need you can tap on the down arrow. It will begin the download, save the file if it is safe to download.

Installation Of Xaero’s Minimap

After you have downloaded the Xaero’s Minimap, the next step is to get it installed. The installation is hassle-free. Tap at the Windows Key at the keyboard and press ‘R’ simultaneously. The ‘Run’ program will be opened.

At the search box write ‘%appdata%. It will begin the ‘Roaming’ folder on the computer. You will able to see the program at the top of the folder called ‘Minecraft’.

As you open it, you will come across a folder named ‘mods’. You can create one of you don’t find the folder. Once you are done with creating the mods folder, Xaero’s Minimap can be installed quickly.

All you need to do is drag and then drop it into the mods folder. The installation would be complete. Make sure that you have chosen the correct edition of Forge.

Select The ‘Forge’ Profile by Unlocking the Minecraft Launcher

To select the right edition of Forge, open the usual Minecraft Launcher. Click on the green ‘UP arrow’ which is subsequent to the ‘Play’ button. Later, look for the profile titled which is named ‘Forge’. Tap on it and then click on the big green ‘Play’ button, once you complete this, Minecraft will launch with the Forge and Xaero’s Minimap will be installed.

You can also build stuff, have fun and install other mods as well. There are more than 30 tutorials that help you in installing the mods along with the links to download with them.

There are also tutorials to begin, maintain and run the Minecraft servers. There are server tutorials that help you to learn about Minecraft in-depth.

Features of Xaero’s Minimap

 Features of Xaero’s Minimap
  • It operates smoother compared to some of the Minimap Mods.
  • Look of vanilla Minecraft and Aesthetic
  • It has 2 Mod editions like the full and fair-play. The Full edition doesn’t have any limits. The Fair-play version will not demonstrate any cave maps or items that are more favorable for public PVP servers and it can be played against the people those who can’t use a Minimap.
  • The 2 color Modes which include Vanilla that make use of the color of vanilla Minecraft maps. The other is Accurate, which makes use of the color of block textures.
  • The Terrain texture customization technique is compatible with Xaero’s World Map and will make use of the pieces which are filled with the world map which boosts the performance.
  • There is the possibility to restrict the Xaero’s Minimap usage by connecting it to an item that you will need to have in order to show the Minimap.
  • The possibility to lock north to halt the Minimap from rotating instead it shows the path of your identity with an arrow.
  • It also functions even by using the automatic cave maps.
  • The display mobs are created on the map by using the yellow dots. The hostile and familiar mobs can be colored otherwise.
  • It will show the players on the map as player heads or white dots
  • It shows the items on the map as red dots.
  • It will depict all the elements like the arrows and item frames in purple dots. By customizing the settings, various kinds of elements can be undermined in the settings.
  • The zoom in and zoom out key bindings to effectively alter the zoom level to match with the preference or use.
  • Existing biome which is below the Minimap that has been disabled by default and needs must be facilitated using the mod settings
  • The light level which is present beneath the Minimap which is disabled by default and wants to be promoted in the mod settings
  • In the configurable settings, there are many options from Minimap amount to entity amount.
  • The edit mode will allow you to move the Minimap wherever you want to on the screen


The Xaero’s Minimap maintains the aesthetic of vanilla Minecraft to make it a Mod, it is also the initial rotating square Minimap for the Minecraft. The arrow-like technique will make it close to the north and doesn’t rotate. It has 2 Mod editions, they are fair to play and full, the Minimap also exhibits mobs, entities, items, players, etc.

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